Clients have found change to be easier when they have the right support and accountability. That is what the Organizing Mentor does.

The Organizing Mentor programs are specifically designed to help you with time management, planning and prioritizing, and organization. In order to change things, new habits and goals need to be implemented. You are guided through the process of creating organized habits, given strategies, and held accountable so that you can finally have the organized life you desire.


This program is one-on-one biweekly mentoring sessions. We focus on your specific needs and work towards the permanent creation of productive habits that keep you focused and organized. Each mentoring session is by phone or Skype and lasts 30-40 minutes. Your mentoring program also includes the Time + Space Style Inventory and bi-weekly debriefing reports. This private mentoring program gives you unlimited email access to your own organizing coach and holds you accountable to the intentions you set. The program includes mentoring calls around your personal productivity goals- such as focus, time management, and organization. A 3 month minimum is required so that you can begin to see how the accountability helps you to form more successful strategies and habits.  After that, how long we work together is up to you.  The goal of this program is to create sustainable,  long-term change. We are here to help you make that happen.



While I no longer can provide hands-on organizing in your home, I am available to meet with you, in your space*, for a consultation.  What does a consultation look like? I come to your home and see your organizing project areas.  I interview you to find out more about your needs and goals.  Then I help you to formulate your organizing plan. I provide the basic principles and action steps as well as point you to resources that may assist you.  This consultation is takes 1.5 – 2 hours to complete.  When I leave, you are left with a course of action so that you can begin!


*travel fees may apply



Classes on a variety of organizing and productivity topics will soon be available in Chico, California.   Occasionally, I teach teleclasses.  The best way to know if there is a class being offered is to use any of the “Connect with Me” icons above or go to the Contact tab of this website and reach out to me for more information and to discuss what topics interest you.  Classes usually range from $19 – $49 depending on the material covered.


Time + Space Style Inventory

Want to rescue yourself from overwhelm? The Time + Space Style Inventory reveals your natural time and spaces style preferences and provide REAL strategies for managing your time and organizing your space! You absolutely can regain your freedom with your time, and more power over your environment when you know your Style Preferences. You have to check out the new assessment tool that’s sweeping the productivity industry! Find out your natural preferences so you can get your life in FLOW!


Time Management

If you want to manage your time more effectively, this program is for you. This program includes 4 1-hour teleclasses and a personal time audit analysis. Take back control of you day and be more productive!


Organize to Downsize

Are you tired of the clutter? At a loss as to where to put things? Eliminate the stress and overwhelm by learning the tools and systems you can put in place to organize your home and simplify your life. This 6 week program delivers 1 hour teleclasses with workbook and assignments. Topics include:

  • Steps to Creating Your Organizing Plan – Setting The Stage and Doing the Work
  • How to Decide What to Let Go
  • Reducing the Paperwork