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Photo Organization ABCs
Where are your photos? Do you want to organize them but find the task to be daunting?photo organization

Explore ways to organize all of your printed and digital photos.  This is ideal timing for those who have put off organizing their photos for too long!

Here’s what’s in store:

-Learn the ABCs of photo organization so that you can organize photos with ease!

–Understand why naming conventions are so important
–Hear about the 3 different ways to safeguard your precious photos
–Get a 14 day Challenge Calendar to motivate you to get started on organizing your photos

Best of all, this class applies to both your printed & digital photography!

The Joy of Less

Recently, Time Magazine published an article by this same name – The Joy of Less. We, as Americans are over-consuming. We have 3% of the world’s child population but own 40% of the world’s toys. Our overabundance has made the storage business skyrocket (in fact it’s recession proof!) This class is about more than the “stuff”, really – it’s about the way we choose to live.

Join us on this webinar for a discussion around embracing living with less and facing the reality of how we are tied to our possessions.




Tips to Curbing Email

Are you overwhelmed by your email inbox? Does having hundreds, or thousands, of emails on your account cause you anxiety? Have you changed email addresses more than once to give yourself a fresh start? Watch this free webinar and learn how to curb your email overload. We talk about the 5 things you need to do with your emails as well as some helpful cyber tools available to you. You’ll want to see this free class!

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