Mail Gone Wild?

Is the mail out of control in your home?

Catalogs and magazines sliding off the tables or counters?

Late charges on bills that got lost in the chaos of your mail piles?

You are not alone.  If you can’t seem to keep up with your mail, you want to read this.  There is no “one size fits all” system for handling mail but there are a few changes you can make so that your mail is easier to manage. Here are 3 easy changes you can make to simplify your mail routine.
Change #1:
Only Click This Link have one place for mail to land when it comes into your home.  Designate a basket, tray or bin for incoming mail.  Let family members know that all incoming mail is to be placed there, no exceptions.
Change #2:
Handle the junk mail and the outer envelopes only once.  Have a recycle
or trash bin nearby, as well as a shredder. Immediately toss the junk mail. Open all envelopes and throw the outer envelope away before it lands on the counter or table.  If it contains your address or any personal information – shred it.
Change #3:
Really stop and consider how many magazines and catalogs you can successfully read each month.  Why not cancel a few subscriptions or get the digital version online? What catalogs are you still getting that you no longer want?  If your kids are in high school (or older!) it’s probably time to cancel the Pottery Barn Kids and Oriental Trading Company catalogs.
How to cancel catalogs-
  1.  You can find the web address on the catalog and go online to request a cancellation. I have found that trying to find where to do this on a catalog’s  website can be frustrating and take too much time.       OR
  2. Look at the back of the catalog and locate the phone number.  Call them with the catalog in front of you and give them the numbers listed near your name and address. Doing this, I was able to cancel 4 catalogs in just 5 minutes!
There’s more you can do to get a handle on the chaos of your mail, but start by making these 3 easy changes first.
These minor changes represent new habits and will get you moving in the right direction.  Get into the habits  of doing these things daily and weekly, then you can move towards refining your mail system even more! When you make these 3 easy changes, you will see a noticeable difference and be well on your way to taming the mail.

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