It’s a New Year and It’s Time to Reset

As we enter into a new year, it’s time to reset. This little button sits on my desk as a constant visual reminder for me.


Reset – verb

1. To set again: reset a broken bone.

2. To change the reading of: reset a clock.


Often, we make resolutions that fall by the wayside about mid-February.  I know I have!

Give yourself a better chance at making the kinds of changes you desire this year by doing a “self reset”.

Grab a cuppa and watch this short video where I explain how to do a self reset.

What does this look like?

  1. Find a quiet place that makes you happy and go there.  Take along some paper and writing supplies .

  2. Let go of guilt by first forgiving yourself for whatever you thought you “should have” or “could have” done but didn’t. You are starting anew, here and now, fresh with no baggage.  This is a huge step that I cannot stress enough.  You have to really forgive and forget in order to reset.

  3. Now push your imaginary reset button and just sit and breathe for a few minutes.

  4. Now bring out the paper and writing supplies.  Now, what is it that you want for yourself in this year? Write down (or draw) whatever comes to mind, don’t edit. Just be in the moment, letting your mind go wherever it wants.

  5. Once you done step 4, I usually recommend that you set it aside and come back to it after “sleeping on it”.  Look at it with a fresh set of eyes the next day and begin taking the actions you desire.

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