Holiday Blog Series: Advance and Easy Meal Ideas

For the big holiday meals around the corner, everyone has their favorites. I am pretty traditional when it comes to Thanksgiving- you know, turkey and all the trimmings. Now on Christmas I have a different menu. My family likes when I serve Paella. It’s a Spanish dish with chicken, rice, peas and a boatload of seafood! Yummy!!

Regardless of the menu, there’s usually a lot of preparation, in other words, kitchen time. In my last post, I mentioned doing some of the kitchen prep work in advance but today I want to talk about making up some easy meals in advance to make your life a little easier during this holiday season.

There are a few things I do every year during the holidays to minimize my kitchen time.

  1. Freeze taco meat and meat loafs in quart size freezer bags.

  2. Make double batches of soup and freeze half.

  3. Make my banana and pumpkins breads and freeze them as I go; for giving to people during Christmas.

  4. Make a breakfast casserole on Christmas Eve and place in refrigerator for the next morning.

  5. Purchase mini appetizers from the freezer section and fresh veggies for all day snacking on Christmas Eve.

But, alas, there are many people in the world who are even more savvy with the advance and easy meal preparation.

Rival Crock-Pot
Photo Credit George Kelly

Please share any hints or tips you have for advance and easy meal ideas by commenting below.


  1. Thanks for sharing my recipes. I have been slacking in the kitchen but my goal is to get 5 more recipes together so there’s enough for 20 meals 🙂

    • I’m so thankful for what you’ve already posted, Janell! I am setting aside my Saturday to mix up some of those recipes!

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