10 Reasons to Organize Your Closet

Today we are focusing on your clothes closet.  Let’s get going by looking at 10 reasons to organize your closet.

organize your closet

1.) You find yourself wearing the same outfits week after week
2.) You can’t shut your closet door(s)
3.) You can’t move your clothes hangers because it’s packed so tight in there
4.) You can’t find your favorite shirt but you are sure that it’s “in there somewhere”
5.) Your closet rods are sagging
6.) You can’t see the floor of your closet
7.) There’s a layer of dust on the shoulders of some outfits
8.) You can’t find the other shoe
9.) You have clothes now hanging on hooks behind every door
10.) You have clothes piled around your bedroom with nowhere to put them

If you can relate to any of these reasons, read the following articles on my blog and follow me through my closet organization (you’ll get to see the before and after)!

The Basics of Closet Organization

My Closet Transformation, Part 1

My Closet Transformation, Part 2

More Closet Tips



I’m Noticing A Shift…

Silly title? Maybe, but it’s what this post is about. It’s about some self-observations too.

In my early mommy years, I got in the habit of buying Stride Rite shoes (i.e. leather, good quality) for my little ones and offsetting the expense by shopping at the thrift store for my own clothes and accessories.   I didn’t mind, really.  After all, thrift shopping is like an adventure.  You venture out, not knowing what you will find so you keep an open mind and an eagle eye out for bargains on quality merchandise.  As my kids got older, I kept shopping at thrift stores because, well, kids are expensive even before college starts!

Some of my favorite finds –

  • a blue dress that was casual or dressy depending on the jewelry and shoes

  • the $5 suit that I wore to speak at a large company

  • a Coldwater Creek jacket that looked amazing on me!

Ask my friends, I can find the jewels in the thrift store…  but alas, the shift. I recently visited my favorite thrift store in my old neighborhood/city.  I grabbed the cart, traced the usual route and after about one hour, I left the store… Empty-handed!

That had never happened before,

Packing Kids for Summer Camp

I came across this darling picture of my daughter headed to summer camp. What great memories!

Do you have kids going to camp this summer?

Here’s what I did for packing for my kids for camp.

Camp is all about fun for the kids not staying clean or worried about their belongings.

I used Ziploc® bags for their clothes. I would put an entire outfit in one bag – socks, undies, a top and a bottom.

I packed a Ziploc® bag for every day that they were to be gone and put it in their suitcase/or duffel bag. When it was time to get dressed each morning, they would open a new bag and put on whatever it contained.

I also used a bag for their swim suit, towel and sunscreen.

I told my kids that it was okay for the dirty clothes to go back in their suitcase without a bag. That way they knew what was clean and what was dirty.

Bagging their clothes also insured that their outfits matched, I know, only a mother would care about that! 😉

With my son Branden, it was not unusual with him to come home with half of his clothes still bagged! He was so busy having adventures that he would forget about changing clothes!

Oh well, at least the clothes were available!

Kid Closet Ideas

I’m lovin’ Pinterest! When a client needs a special twist on organizing, I head over to Pinterest for ideas. In fact, follow me on Pinterest – I’m always pinning!

Here’s a photo collage of some great kids closet to round out my closet series this month. In trying to give credit where credit is due, click on the links below the photo to get more information.

Love the colors and the simplicity of this closet. The boxes can hold shoes, pjs, toys, you name it!


More Closet Tips

More Closet Tips:

– Use baskets to hold your scarves, winter caps, purses and tote bags

– A wooden box is a handy container for batteries

– Put your hamper in the same location where you get undressed each day

– Designate a space in your closet for the clothes you want to wear more than once

– The see-through pockets of a hanging jewelry organizer make picking jewelry for your outfits quick and easy

– Use a hanging shoe holder for your flip flops

– Keep swimwear handy if you use it year-round in a convenient location

My Closet Transformation, Part 2

In my last post, I explained how I have gone about re-doing my clothes closet. I talked about

• Preparation

• Purging and Sorting

And now the final step, putting it all back into the closet. I’m so excited to show you the final outcome! So here goes:

Put it Back

-Before I put everything back I re-hung all the clothes on the new, slimmer hangers my mom gave us for Christmas. What a difference! They take up so little space on the rod. I highly recommend them.


My Closet Transformation, Part 1

In my last post, The Basics of Closet Organization, I listed the 3 steps to getting your closet organized.
1. Prepare
2. Purge and Sort
3. Put Back

I don’t just write this stuff, I actually do it! In February, I challenged myself to minimize the amount of clothing I keep. I had read a great article on the Small Notebook blog that motivated me to go into minimalist mode in my clothes closet. Let me first say that I come from a long line of clothes hoarders. My grandma has 3 closets full of clothes; my mother and my sister are running neck and neck for 2nd place! (Yes, Mom and Sis, if you are reading this- you have tons of clothes!) At any rate, I started out to see how much I could pare down my wardrobe.

Here’s my closet before I started:

The Basics of Closet Organization

1. Prepare

– Before diving right into organizing your closet, it’s important to have the right mindset.

– Can you set aside time to see this project through to completion?

Warning: If you think this is a 2 hour project then double it to allow plenty of time.

– What’s your style now? Think about your style now as opposed to 5 years ago (or when you used to work/stay home, etc.)

– Set aside time to really think about the clothing style you are wearing/or want to wear. Look through magazines or browse online to identify the style that appeals if you need to.

– Identify the 3 main colors for your wardrobe? Knowing this will help you in the purge- and-sort phase of closet organization.

2. Purge and Sort

This is the most daunting part of organizing your closet. Don’t worry, here are a few tips:

Getting Your loved Ones Organized

So you are determined to be more organized than ever but you don’t live by yourself… There’s your other half, the kids and maybe even a mother in law in the mix! You may be wondering how to get them organized. The answer … you can’t.  It’s like making someone love brussel sprouts (sorry mom). You cannot make someone be organized, and if you could, they certainly would not be organized the way YOU expect them to be.

Getting organized is a choice and a person must be ready to make that choice. The best way to get loved ones at least interested in getting more organized is by setting a good example. Here are a few simple ways to set a good example:

Set up easy systems for others to manage. For example, a launch area near the door you use to enter and exit their home. Have a place for keys, glasses, and bags in that area.


Label things. For example, label the laundry sorter. Label the kids toy bins.



Ask for help with keeping the common areas organized. Have family members spend 15 minutes before bed daily picking up the family room and putting things where they belong.  You have to ask for help, they aren’t mind readers.

Talk about what you are doing to be better organized. Open the door for communication and this may inspire them to work on an organizing project of their own!