10 Reasons to Organize Your Closet

Today we are focusing on your clothes closet.  Let’s get going by looking at 10 reasons to organize your closet.

organize your closet

1.) You find yourself wearing the same outfits week after week
2.) You can’t shut your closet door(s)
3.) You can’t move your clothes hangers because it’s packed so tight in there
4.) You can’t find your favorite shirt but you are sure that it’s “in there somewhere”
5.) Your closet rods are sagging
6.) You can’t see the floor of your closet
7.) There’s a layer of dust on the shoulders of some outfits
8.) You can’t find the other shoe
9.) You have clothes now hanging on hooks behind every door
10.) You have clothes piled around your bedroom with nowhere to put them

If you can relate to any of these reasons, read the following articles on my blog and follow me through my closet organization (you’ll get to see the before and after)!

The Basics of Closet Organization

My Closet Transformation, Part 1

My Closet Transformation, Part 2

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Managing the Calendar, Appointments and Tasks

Well, it’s back to basics for me. Over the past 60+ days I just really been struggling with managing my calendar, my appointments, and all the things I have to do. Yes, I know … I’m the organizer!

I had been using Google calendar via my iPhone and iPad for well over a year. It’s ideal in several ways, but there were the aspects I struggled with:

  • on my phone and my iPad I couldn’t read all the events for the entire month, in one of view; it was best to be sitting in front of my computer

  • on my phone, I could only read my appointments day by day

  • Google calendar took too long on my phone, in my humble opinion

  • on a few occasions appointments went missing on my phone (can’t figure that one out!)

Now for those techies out there, it may be that my iPhone and Google calendar are not ideal mates. In the grand scheme of things though, what is important?

What is important is that I have a system that works for how I do things.

And the same could be said for you…

What is important is that YOU have a system that works for YOU?

Let’s just say, for the sake of this post, my system was broken. I thought about trying something new but also remembered that what I had used before worked. It never broke, I just got bored with it and thought I should try to get all my “essentials” on my phone. Or, as my friend Jessica would say, I had BSO syndrome.  BSO stand for bright-shiny-object; you know, that thing that catches your attention and lures you toward something else.

So, what did I use before? I used a Planner Pad.  This year, I am back to the Planner Pad. I even made a YouTube video about it a couple of years ago. I highly recommend going to view it if you want to know how it differs from the other paper based planners. (It’s just easier to show you than explain in writing.)

Here’s a couple of photos of my Planner Pad to pique your interest.

Why I went back to my Planner Pad:

  • I have immediate access to my calendar

  • I can see my whole month on 2 open pages

  • I can also see my whole week on 2 open pages

  • I can list my tasks based on the roles I play

  • I can funnel tasks into the week around the timed appointments of the calendar

  • I can jot quick notes on the same page as I am making appointments

  • I can see at a glance what was not completed

 So what kind of calendar or planner do you use? Is it a system that works for you? Have you ever struggled to maintain a calendar, your appointments and tasks? Would love to have you share your comments below.

It’s a New Year and It’s Time to Reset

As we enter into a new year, it’s time to reset. This little button sits on my desk as a constant visual reminder for me.


Reset – verb

1. To set again: reset a broken bone.

2. To change the reading of: reset a clock.


Often, we make resolutions that fall by the wayside about mid-February.  I know I have!

Give yourself a better chance at making the kinds of changes you desire this year by doing a “self reset”.

Grab a cuppa and watch this short video where I explain how to do a self reset.

What does this look like?

  1. Find a quiet place that makes you happy and go there.  Take along some paper and writing supplies .

  2. Let go of guilt by first forgiving yourself for whatever you thought you “should have” or “could have” done but didn’t. You are starting anew, here and now, fresh with no baggage.  This is a huge step that I cannot stress enough.  You have to really forgive and forget in order to reset.

  3. Now push your imaginary reset button and just sit and breathe for a few minutes.

  4. Now bring out the paper and writing supplies.  Now, what is it that you want for yourself in this year? Write down (or draw) whatever comes to mind, don’t edit. Just be in the moment, letting your mind go wherever it wants.

  5. Once you done step 4, I usually recommend that you set it aside and come back to it after “sleeping on it”.  Look at it with a fresh set of eyes the next day and begin taking the actions you desire.

Give Yourself Credit for Organization

I taught a class recently and one of the first questions I asked the group was “In what one area of your life do you feel organized?” The faces of the audience began to drain… They were attending the class because they wanted to be organized and the question set them back. So I Ask YOU –

In what one area of your life do you feel organized?

This is a very important question. Most people I encounter need help with organization and cannot seem to formulate an answer (at least not quickly).

The truth is that everyone is organized in some area of their life. They may not realize that they are organized in that area because, well, it’s not a problem for them.

Many people have feelings of shame and guilt around being unorganized yet never give themselves credit for the areas they can organize. Acknowledging your success in organization is important. When you give yourself credit for organization it helps you to begin to think positively about yourself and your abilities and is empowering.

As I went around the room asking for a response to the questions I posed, there were all kinds of answers:

  • “my silverware is organized”

  • “my pantry and food consumables are organized”

  • “my books are organized”

  • “my finances are organized”

  • “my morning routine is organized”

    We are often stuck in the “unorganized mode” because we are paralyzed by the scope of the project. Remembering where you have taken control and are organized in other areas can help you begin to tackle the current area you wish to change.

    So, have you given yourself credit for where you are organized lately?

Keeping Things for Memory’s Sake

What things do you have around your home that you’re keeping just because of the memory it holds?

Now I know that’s not the way we normally look at things but that’s exactly what we do. The other day I was in quaint little antique shop in Paradise, California with my girlfriend and I had a flashback. I saw this kaffee klatsch tray that my mom used to have when I was a kid. Here’s a picture of the tray.

Man, was I ever flooded memories when I saw that tray!

Can There Be Too Many Sticky Notes?


You have too many sticky notes if:

  • you can no longer see the outer frame of your computer monitor

  • you have written sticky notes that are still around from 3 months ago

  • you have an assortment of colors… in every room, in every drawer in your home!

  • you have several of them posted but are “blind” to what you’ve written on them

  • you have them plastered on your calendar or desk but never read or act on them

  • you are considering making some into origami cranes


and No….

You have just the right amount of sticky notes if:

  • you are using them for page markers when studying or researching

  • purchase a pack of them and it lasts you 6-9 months

  • you use them to remind your teenagers not to forget something

  • you write on them, complete the task (take action) and throw them away weekly

I have seen many people use sticky notes to write down things they do not want to forget and that’s a good idea.  The system falls apart, however, when the notes are lost or scattered all over the place.  Basically, you have too many sticky notes if you write on them but then never take action….  I gave up on sticky notes a long time ago, I use index cards.  For more information on how I use index cards to capture my thoughts and next action steps go to Capture those thoughts! and The Worst Use of Your Mind.

Get Back on Track with Organizing

Fall seven times, stand up eight. – Japanese Proverb

My dear friend Elizabeth Hagen has written a book called “Confidence: Now is Your Time” and today when I was reading it I read the quote above… and it struck me. Many times people say that they try to get organized and just can’t seem to keep it up.

Being more organized has to do with habits, not containers or labelers. It takes time to develop the habits you desire for a more organized you. Each time you feel like you have “fallen down” on your organizing, just get back to it.

Each time we begin again in our efforts at becoming more organized, we are learning what works and what doesn’t. So if your desk is a mess again, I say that’s okay. You’ve fallen and you can get up! Just keep moving forward.

I’m all about encouraging you so leave a comment and I’ll get back to you soon.

Causes of Clutter

I was helping a client this week who has a beautiful home. Everything seemed to have its place and the home was very warm and inviting. I was asked to help with the home office. The office had a desk piled with papers, bills and receipts as well as boxes of more of the same tucked under the desk. I have seen much worse than this, but my client was struggling to get the home office organized and back into a functioning room. As we began to work, we talked about the reasons for the room’s unorganized state. There is always a reason behind the clutter. I am not saying this so that we can justify the clutter but to help us recognize that there is something behind the physical clutter we see. Here are a few examples of the reasons why people now have clutter when they used to be able to handle it:

Found: One Clutter Catcher

My desk can get out of hand quickly when I have a busy week. The messier it gets, the more frustrated I become. The reason for the frustration is that I cannot focus when there is clutter strewn about in my office. At the end of the day, I allow time to get things back in order.

Yesterday I found this note:

Managing Paper Memorabilia


Kids School/Artwork

–        Use a lidded box, color coded per child and label

–        Use large envelopes, labeled by year and child

–        Transfer yearly papers to labeled accordion file keeper

Travel/Sightseeing Memorabilia

–        Have a journal with you to notate date, locations, and events

–        Gather tourist brochures, postcards, etc. in journal

–        Transfer to accordion file keeper, categorized by year

–        Tear pages from journal and include with memorabilia