Project Wrap Room

You won’t believe this but my client has a small room in her home dedicated to gift wrapping!  She not only enjoys giving gifts but she is quite the artist when it comes to gift wrapping!

Follow along as I walk you through what we accomplished last week.
Here’s what we started with:

The room had a hodge podge of items that needed to be cleared out.

photo-1 photo-3

Since this was a small room, we needed to maximize the vertical space if she was going to have room to move around in there.

Our inspiration for the Wrap Room was this lovely organizer made by Elizabeth FordPegboard wrap station

We started with the dresser.  It’s on the top of this dresser that my client will do her wrapping.  In the top drawer we put ribbon “shorts”, tags, stickers and colored pens.tags-and-shorts

The second drawer contains the tissue paper.  We have two types: the recycled paper from gifts received and the new tissue paper.  I was able to fan out the new tissue paper so that it was easy to grab the color of her choice.  I folded the used tissue paper and stood them on end so that it was easy to choose from as well.tissue-paper-drawer

The bottom drawer holds white tissue paper, Christmas tissue paper and pre-made bows.tissue-paper-and-bows

The first thing to go on the wall was the ribbon holders.  I purchased 2 of these – one with 4 shelves and one with 3 shelves.  In this photo you will see that there was enough room to include her paint supplies that she uses on gifts (I told you she was an artist!).ribbon-rack

Next, we gathered up all her gift bags and organized them by size.  The medium sized gift bags are used the most, so they were arranged in this cute basket.  The small and large gift bags were placed on the bookshelf.basket-o-bags

We brought in a low bookshelf to hold the other gift bags, raffia and silk flowers.  The bookcase is more than half empty (some of the containers you see are empty) so there is room for

I found the cutest vintage container to hold her rolls of gift wrap!  I screwed it to the wall so that it is stable and can’t be knocked over.  Her Christmas gift wrap is stored in the closet so that its not mingled with the rest of the years’

Remember the inspiration for her wrap room? Well, I made one for her! Here’s the burlap covered pegboard; it measures 4′ x 4′.

I inserted hooks at the bottom to hold 2 dowels for gift wrap

And here it is, hung above the dresser!  She can easily switch out the rolls of wrapping paper and she has easy access to her scissors and tape. Because this is a pegboard, she can re-configure this however she wants.  She has already added a bucket of pens and has her curly ribbon bow collection hanging in a gift bag!  Her super-sized rolls of ribbon hang above her so that she can reach up and cut a length when she needs some.burlap-pegboard

Can I just say that I was just as excited as my client to see this room come together?!!! Here are the before and after

Can you visualize doing this in your wrap or craft room?  The possibilities are endless!


Ribbon Storage and Organization

If you’ve been on Pinterest, I’m sure you’ve seen some clever ideas for many things, including organizing your ribbons for crafts and sewing. Today I wanted to show you my ribbon storage. I needed to not only have my ribbons organized, but I needed them to be portable as I am known for taking off for a scrapbooking retreat or going to a friend’s house to do a craft project. Here are the containers I use:

The small container is just for tidbits of ribbon – small pieces that can be used to tie a bow and paste on the front of a greeting card.





The blue container was my first traveling embellishment holder.

Inside the square grids, I have rolled pieces of longer ribbon.  The box initially came with about a dozen clear plastic boxes. As you see here, I also rolled ribbon into them.

  They are really handy because you can pull out the length of ribbon needed and cut.






And last, but definitely my favorite, is the little vintage bird suitcase.







 I purchased this mini suitcase from Tuesday Morning because I loved the design. I brought it home and started trying to figure out how to use it to hold ribbon spools.  I knew it would work but wasn’t quite coming up with the right idea.

I asked my husband and guess what? My “McGyver” came up with an awesome idea!  He took a plain old plastic tube hanger (actually 2 hangers) and cut it the exact width of the box. I then stacked my spools onto the plastic rod and voila! I was able to get two rows of ribbons in the suitcase.  It is super easy to see what I need and snip off a bit of ribbon.

 How do you store your ribbon for crafting and sewing? Please leave a comment and share your ideas!

Craft Closet Re-Organization

Some of you may know that when I am not working, I have an alter ego. Her name is CraftyNat.  I love this girl – she’s the creative side of me. I have many different types of crafts that I do but my first choice is anything that involves paper.  I love scrapbooking and making cards!  The other day I was looking for a particular embellishment and found myself digging and grumbling.  Uh oh…You know what that means… time to perform some maintenance on this craft closet!

While organizing is done to set up systems that work easily for you, maintenance is equally important.  It’s a good idea to take a look at systems you have set up and make necessary changes every now and then. And so, here is my craft closet:

Managing Paper Memorabilia


Kids School/Artwork

–        Use a lidded box, color coded per child and label

–        Use large envelopes, labeled by year and child

–        Transfer yearly papers to labeled accordion file keeper

Travel/Sightseeing Memorabilia

–        Have a journal with you to notate date, locations, and events

–        Gather tourist brochures, postcards, etc. in journal

–        Transfer to accordion file keeper, categorized by year

–        Tear pages from journal and include with memorabilia

Tool Tuesday: In a word – Handy.

Clever Container toteToday’s featured organization tool is the shower purse from Clever Container. From the inference of the name, you immediately think it is a bathroom organizational product; and you are right.  It was invented to keep all the personal hygiene/shower necessities together and make it easy to store or grab.  It’s made in the USA and is molded plastic.  It has nice tall handles and the mid-section features 3 sections, one of which is intended for a bar of soap. It comes in 3 colors – white, green and pink.

Here are some handy ways it can help your family stay organized:

Tool Tuesday (with a little color)

“When shelf space is at a premium, these boxes go a long way in keeping a number of items neat. Tame your paper clutter or sort out any smaller items with these crisp, stackable boxes.”

Organizing with boxes… Okay that’s nothing new but I like these document boxes by Clever Container. Not only are they colorful, but their uniform size makes them perfect for many areas in your home or office. Here are a few ways I have recommended using them:
  • One for each family member to be used as in-boxes
  • One per child to store (and limit) the amount of school projects and artwork kept for the year
  • One per project at work or home
  • Containerize crafting tools
  • Containerize small toys (barbie outfits, small cars, etc.)
  • Holds the art supplies
  • Holds vacation/travel memorabilia
  • Teachers can carry back and forth with papers to be graded
  • Store doilies, napkins, napkin rings in linen closet
  • Containerize all small office supplies (extra staples, paper clips, tape, scissors, etc.)
  • Give them as a gift to each adult child with their old report cards, sports ribbons, and memorabilia inside
And the list goes on. How would you use these versatile boxes?
If you want a set, you can order them online at my Clever container website –

Organizing with Thrift Store Finds

Today is National Thrift Shop Day.  While no one seems to know who created this prestigious day, I am celebrating!  Here’s a secret… I love thrift stores- so much so I have a monthly allowance for thrift store shopping.   As a young mom with 3 kids and not much money, I discovered I could stretch my dollar by shopping at thrift stores.  Now there are some things I wouldn’t buy there. 

3 Easy Steps to Organizing Your Crafts

1.  Know what you have

Round up all those supplies!  You can’t know what you have (or how to organize it) unless you have it all together.  It’s a good ideas to do a “round up” about every 6 months; things get spread out as you work and new purchases don’t always get put away where they need to go. Remember to keep tools used for certain activities together.

Here Tricia from Craft Addict keeps all of her beading supplies and tools together.


craft organizer