More Closet Tips

More Closet Tips:

– Use baskets to hold your scarves, winter caps, purses and tote bags

– A wooden box is a handy container for batteries

– Put your hamper in the same location where you get undressed each day

– Designate a space in your closet for the clothes you want to wear more than once

– The see-through pockets of a hanging jewelry organizer make picking jewelry for your outfits quick and easy

– Use a hanging shoe holder for your flip flops

– Keep swimwear handy if you use it year-round in a convenient location

The Basics of Closet Organization

1. Prepare

– Before diving right into organizing your closet, it’s important to have the right mindset.

– Can you set aside time to see this project through to completion?

Warning: If you think this is a 2 hour project then double it to allow plenty of time.

– What’s your style now? Think about your style now as opposed to 5 years ago (or when you used to work/stay home, etc.)

– Set aside time to really think about the clothing style you are wearing/or want to wear. Look through magazines or browse online to identify the style that appeals if you need to.

– Identify the 3 main colors for your wardrobe? Knowing this will help you in the purge- and-sort phase of closet organization.

2. Purge and Sort

This is the most daunting part of organizing your closet. Don’t worry, here are a few tips:

Flip Flop File Product Review

Being a woman, I just can’t talk about clothes closet organization without starting with the shoes first! LOL!  

Here’s a great product if you are a flip flop girl like me. I prefer my flip flops to slippers and, living in California, I wear them practically all year round.

Introducing the Flip Flop File– and it’s a file system you’ll love – I promise! It hangs on a closet rod and has room to hold 18 pair of your fav flip flops.  I even store my Lindsay Phillips Switchflops accessories in one pocket!

This shoe holder has clear pockets so you can see all of your flip flops. I used to keep my flip flops in a basket and would have to rummage through them to find the right color and then of course the mate! Quite unorganized, don’t ya think? Now, I don’t even have to bend down to get to them and they always have a mate right there!

This Flip Flop File organizer could also be used for hats, gloves, fanny packs and other clothing accessories, even bathing suits.  You could use it as a shoe organizer in a young child’s closet too. Outside of your closet you could use it in your craft room to hold skeins of yarn. If you are a grandma, you could have one in the guest room closet holding those special books you read when the grandkids come to visit. Let your imagine run wild, use the Flip Flop File for other things that you want to keep organized but still visibly see the contents!

Disclaimer: Some links take my other website to purchase the Flip Flop File. 🙂


A Valentine’s Gift of Car Organization

For this week’s Tool Tuesday I thought I would showcase an awesome gift for your Valentine.  It’s the perfect trio-of-organization for that special someone’s vehicle!

Neat Seat Organizer ($17) – Features 5 roomy pockets, hangs from passenger seat head rest and swings from front to back of the car

No-Leak Litter Bag ($17) – Also attaches to headrest. Has a leakproof base.

Car Pocket ($9) – This handy pocket attaches to the car’s air vent and is perfect to store your phone, glasses, etc.

The entire trio is available in pink or brown.

Pair them with car wash gift certificates or an oil change and give your Valentine a practical gift! To see these products up close and to order online, visit

A “sweet” Valentine gift for someone you love!  … Or … maybe for you!?


New Year, Fresh Start

I was interviewed by the House Whisperer at KHSL and this segment aired today! It’s all about being organized and staying organized.  
Check out the video where I talk about computer (laptop) organization as well as how to organize your coupons.  Plus lots more!
These are just some of the cool products I carry with Clever Container.  On January 1st, more than 20 new products will be released so check that website again soon!

5 Tips for a More Organized Year:

  • Create a written plan for each area you want to organize
  • Use ONE calendar
  • Make a weekly appointment with yourself to plan the upcoming weeks
  • Spend 15 minutes a day putting things away around the house/office
  • Review tomorrow the night before

Four Tips for Holiday Travel

1. Be Safe –Regardless of how you travel, make sure someone else has your itinerary and telephone numbers so they can reach you in an event of an emergency.

By car- make sure your car is road worthy.  Simple things like checking the fluids, tire pressure, and wiper blades can prevent bothersome road side stops. Fill up the tank before you go and refill it when the tank reads less than half full.

By plane/train/bus – keep your valuables on your person rather than in a carry-on or purse.  Always have a change of clothing and a toothbrush in your carry-on for unexpected layovers and delays.

2. Pack Light 

  • Dress in layers and pack clothing that will mix and match.  Use packing cubes inside your luggage to keep things neat and accessible.  Only bring one extra pair of shoes.  Be sure to leave room in your luggage to bring things home with you.  


3. Ship Ahead

If you have gifts and things for people you will visit while traveling, ship them out the week before you arrive. It’s less hassle for you at the airport and less to carry. The Post Office’s flat rate boxes are a very economical way to go.

4. Bring Entertainment

If you have kids – pack a small backpack for each of them with quiet activities they can do. Carry a small surprise for them in your carry-on to reward their good behavior.
For the adults – bring something small to occupy your time during your trip.  There are always layovers and unexpected delays.  An e-reader or good book and a deck of cards can go a long way with helping pass the time.

Have a Safe & Enjoyable Holiday Trip!

The packing cubes are available on my Clever Container website under “travel”.





7 Travel Packing Tips to Keep You Organized

Since I moved over a year ago, I find myself traveling a lot more.  My best friend always admires how I pack so little and said I should write a blog post about that.  Good idea – so here goes!
My motto when traveling is definitely “less is more”.  I am a minimalist when I travel.  I want to spend more time enjoying my trips; therefore, I make sure it takes less time to pack.

Natalie’s 7 Travel Packing Tips

  1. Choose one main color scheme for your wardrobe. Black or brown are usually my main color. It’s easy to mix and match other patterns to go with these colors.

Tool Tuesday: In a word – Handy.

Clever Container toteToday’s featured organization tool is the shower purse from Clever Container. From the inference of the name, you immediately think it is a bathroom organizational product; and you are right.  It was invented to keep all the personal hygiene/shower necessities together and make it easy to store or grab.  It’s made in the USA and is molded plastic.  It has nice tall handles and the mid-section features 3 sections, one of which is intended for a bar of soap. It comes in 3 colors – white, green and pink.

Here are some handy ways it can help your family stay organized: